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Extreme Tiberias Park for children (Berko Park)


Challanging / Extreme park for children and youth and amusement park areas for little children opened in the Archaeological park named after Berko Oz.

The park includes 4 huge rope pyramids, omega, climbing wall, carouseles (merry go round) and swings, especially for little children.

Entrance is for children above age 6
pyramids climbing for children of age 8-15

Entrance to the amusement park for smaller kids is for age 2-10
Children are supervised by their parents.

Special discount for hotel guests.

Opening Hours

Sunday - Thursday 16:00-20:45
Saturday 12:00-21:00
Friday and Holiday Eve' - close 

Additional Services
- Omega
- Attractions
- Fun and resort
- Cripple access
- Parking
- Lawns
- Cafe
- Kids play
- Sports installments
- Amusement park installments
- Ropes park
- Kiosk

How to reach us
The park is next to "Rimonim Mineral" hotel

Tel: 04-6712950, 053-8547320

Extreme Tiberias Park for children (Berko Park)
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